Environmental Philosophy

Verbatim gives customers the option to get high-tech in more eco-conscious ways. From our products to our packaging, Verbatim is continuously looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint. Below are just a few examples of ways that Verbatim is helping our environment.

Green Button Software

All Verbatim Hard Drives feature GREEN BUTTON Energy-Saving software. The software reduces energy consumption and extends the drive’s life expectancy by automatically placing the hard drive into sleep mode after a programmed period of time or by the user manually clicking on the GREEN BUTTON on the desktop.

LED Replacement Lamps

Verbatim’s range of energy efficient LED lamps contain no mercury or hazardous materials. They have a much longer life and use up to 80% less energy than standard incandescent and halogen bulbs


Verbatim ensures that all our manufacturing facilities respect the environment. All of our factories have environment management systems in place. We also work with them to ensure the use of recycled materials in our packaging and products whenever possible.


Our USB and Memory Card package was re-designed to reduce the amount of plastic used by up to 93.9% on Memory Cards and 90.9% vs. previous plastic clamshell packaging.
Now, the only plastic part of our packaging surrounds the product, thus optimizing the use of renewable resources and keeping unnecessary plastic out of landfills.

Verbatim used this redesign opportunity to eliminate the plastic case previously included with Memory Cards. Since most consumers discarded the case, all unnecessary elements have been eliminated.

This redesign has allowed us to achieve the following:

  • Plastic reduction up to 93.9%*
  • Overall packaging weight reduction up to 54.7%
  • Almost double the freight efficiency
  • Material health increase of up to 274% (carcinogen material reduction by gram)
  • Safer for consumers – No sharp edges!

Australian Packaging Covenant

Verbatim is a proud signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant. For more information about our involvement, please follow the image below:

Better products for a better tomorrow…

Here at Verbatim we have a number of measures in place to reduce the impact that our company and products have on the environment. With our energy-efficient policies and the use of environmentally friendly materials in our manufacturing and packaging, we continue to find ways to increase the sustainability of our products and help to make a brighter future.

Doing our bit for the environment

As part of our commitment to reducing the impact of our packaging on the environment, Verbatim has signed up as a business supporter for Clean Up Australia Day 2020. We will be organising a number of Clean Up events throughout the year near our headquarters in Melbourne.